where to buy and how much does the board game from the film with Robin Williams cost?

Does the Jumanji board game exist? The 1995 cult film starring Robin Williams gave birth not only to various cinematic sequels but of course also to a wide range of merchandising products, including of course the original board game of the film.

You can buy the Jumanji board game on the GameStopZing website, from GameLife or on Amazon, it is a version of the game that exactly replicates the one seen in the film, made entirely of wood and with a board that can be easily closed. A product designed for lovers of this classic 90s blockbuster and beyond.

What does the package include? It is easy to say, in addition to the board there are danger cards, rescue dice, hourglass, pawns and a plastic rhino, as well as an adhesive sheet, the decoder and a classic numbered die.

  • 1 3D plastic rhino
  • 4 wooden pieces
  • 1 hourglass
  • 1 numbered die
  • 4 rescue dice
  • 30 danger cards
  • 1 decoder
  • 1 sticker sheet

From GameStopZing the game has a price of 32.98 euros, on the Gamelife website it has a price of 36 euros while on Amazon it costs 28.79 euros on offer. A nice idea to have fun during the autumn evenings that are about to appear, but remember … If you want to start, you will have to finish.