which ones are based on these puzzles?

What are optical illusions and how do they work? It is an illusion able to deceive our eyes (and consequently our brain), looking at an optical illusion we will be led to see things that do not exist, with a distorted perception compared to the reality of the facts.

Very popular are geometric illusions or based on perspective, colors and contrast, on ambiguous and distorted figures. A simple example? The optical illusion of Pac-Man to stay on the subject of video games, a subject that is always dear to us. In this regard, are there any video games on optical illusions? The answer to this question is positive, we have selected some of the most interesting downloadable on PC, iPhone and Android smartphone.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley bases its gameplay on optical perception, what at first glance might seem like an impassable wall actually hides a way out … the secret? Look at things from the right perspective. A small cult available on the App Store and Google Play, there is also a sequel (Monument Valley 2) with a greater number of levels and even more complex game mechanics. You can find it on the App Store and Google Play at a price of 4.49 euros.


A platform game with a very specific theme: optical illusions in black and white. Nothing is as it seems in the world of OVIVO, a game full of hidden messages and illusions based on the dualism between light and dark, between light and dark. OVIVO costs 3.99 euros on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Perfect Angle

Perfect Angle (full name: Perfect Angle the puzzle game based on optical illusions) is a first-person puzzle game that offers a series of puzzles and challenges based on optical illusions. Over 100 puzzles to solve by honing your skills and thinking about the three-dimensional perspective of objects. Perfect Angle costs 9.99 euros on PC and Mac.


Skibs is an infinite runner game that makes geometric illusions its strong point. Run between levels made up of lines, triangles, circles and squares, a tangle of shapes and colors that will test your ability to recognize an optical illusion. Skibs is free on Google Play for Android.

Fake Illusions

A collection of traditional optical illusions based mostly on the illusory methods Hermann Grid and Müller-Lyer. Over ten illusions for a total of 50 levels and puzzles to solve with arrows, circles, geometric shapes, numbers and colors, a classic and certainly fun pastime. Fake Illusions costs 4.99 euros on Steam.

On Everyeye.it you will also find other puzzles such as the optical illusion of the impossible elephant and the optical illusion of the impossible trident.