Which ones are they? From Batman Arkham to Marvel’s Spider-Man

Comics, cinema, literature, video games: superheroes are a constant presence in all forms of entertainment, always among the most loved figures by the general public fascinated by the deeds of these men and women out of the ordinary thanks to their superhuman powers, often protagonists of adventures with a high spectacular rate.

Since the dawn of video games there has been no shortage of titles dedicated to Marvel superheroes, DC Comics and many more. Often similar productions did not stand out for great quality, turning out to be games aimed at exploiting a strong license but without commitment and dedication. But when those licenses were exploited wisely, the results were memorable. What are the best superhero video games?

In modern times when you think of the superhero-video game marriage, Batman Arkham are among the first examples of great games to immediately come to mind. The various episodes that make up the Rocksteady series are considered productions of excellent quality (with particular mention to the first two chapters, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City), capable of making the most of the exploits of the Bat Man and his evocative universe giving life to engaging adventures within large maps full of missions and activities to be faced, seasoning everything with narratives capable of keeping you glued to the screen. If you have never had the opportunity to experience the series before, here is the order in which the titles of the Batman Arkham series should be played. Going back in time, the famous hero of DC Comics was the protagonist of other high-profile games, above all Batman Returns, the 1992 scrolling fighting game seen on Super Nintendo, Mega Drive and several other systems of the time.

Spider-Man also has its fair range of valuable video games that can be counted among the best in this particular category. In recent years, Insomniac Games has placed the iconic Marvel superhero at the center of gamers’ attention by making Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 and the subsequent expansion Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, blockbusters praised by critics and audiences for succeeding in to best replicate the essence of Spider-Man, his adventures and his special powers in a videogame key. Even moving in the retrogaming field we find some illustrious video games dedicated to the character: Spider-Man produced by Activision in 2000 has become a small cult game on the first PlayStation (although it is also available on N64 and Dreamcast), but also the Spider tie-in. -Man 2 released on PS2, Xbox and GameCube in 2004 left a good memory of himself for being able to replicate (14 years before the Insomniac title) a believable Manhattan and lowering the friendly neighborhood spider man on an adventure open world full of missions, activities and collectibles to be collected in the meantime that you explore the large game map in total freedom.

There are other titles worthy of mention, starting with 2005’s X-Men Legends II Rise of Apocalypse, intriguing Action RPG with cooperative elements, to 2013’s Deadpool, actually operating with its flaws but somehow managing to shine through. to the masterful characterization of its hilarious protagonist and his ironic and irreverent vein. All without forgetting several fighting games: from Marvel vs Capcom by Capcom to the two Injustice by NetherRealm Studios, giving yourself blows as heroes and villains has never been so satisfying. Did you also read that NetherRealm Studios would be working on a Marvel fighting game?