why is the score hidden until the end of a match?

If you have played a few games of Pokémon Unite, the free to play available on Switch and Android / iOS devices, you will surely have noticed that during each game it is impossible to understand who is winning due to the total absence of a score screen.

If you are wondering why this peculiar choice in terms of design, know that the answer is very simple. According to the words of one of the developers of TiMi Studio Group. Masaaki Hoshino, producer of Pokémon Unite, has in fact stated that this game mechanic has been implemented with the aim of preventing players from deciding to leave the game in its early stages only because they are at a disadvantage. According to the developer, the fate of a Pokémon Unite game can be decided until the final moments, when Zapdos makes his appearance, and therefore it is worth fighting to the end. The absence of a score screen pushes players to always give their best, with some audio messages that allow you to vaguely understand which of the two teams is winning. In short, in this way it is possible to play in a less toxic environment (also given the absence of text chat) and without players who leave the game leaving their teammates at the mercy of the opponents.

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