why is the series called that? This is explained by Hironobu Sakaguchi

Final Fantasy is one of the most long-lived and beloved videogame franchises of all time, which continues to go on even today with new chapters, rowing, re-editions and collections. But have you ever wondered why the historic RPG series born on the NES in 1987 is called precisely in this way?

Behind the name there is a story that many longtime fans know well by now, but that every now and then it is nice to remember even just to imagine what the fans would have missed if the progenitor had not had the great success actually arrived. To tell the background is the father of the series himself, Hironobu Sakaguchi, during an interview granted to the Washington Post. The former great designer of Square (today Square-Enix) and founder of Mistwalker told the creative process regarding the choice of the iconic name: during the 80s Sakaguchi has in fact developed numerous games without ever achieving success with anyone of them, and “Final Fantasy” was thus chosen as the name for what would be his last video game in the event of yet another flop.

The reality went very differently: not only the first Final Fantasy proved to be a great success, but it kicked off a series that has reached the present day and which will continue in the near future with the release of Final Fantasy XVI and other productions. such as Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. Sakaguchi also said that he is not a person who looks to the past: “When it comes to reflecting on my career, I actually don’t do it that much. On rare occasions I go to check Wikipedia when I need to remember some information, for example when it is Final Fantasy VI is out. And so I realize that I have developed a lot of games. But this is the maximum of the reflections I do “.

The latest game created by Sakaguchi is Fantasian, which saw him collaborate again with the famous composer Nobuo Uematsu. From 13 August 2021 Fantasian Part 2 is available on Apple Arcade.