Will Battlefield 2042 have Ranked multiplayer modes at launch? Ripple Effect talks about it

Interviewed by Battlefield Nation youtubers, Battlefield 2042 Senior Design Director Justin Wiebe illustrated the launch contents of Electronic Arts’ blockbuster FPS and explained whether or not there will be room for Ranked multiplayer modes or features oriented to competitive gaming and eSports.

The exponent of the new subsidiary of EA Ripple Effect (originally known as DICE Los Angeles) is inspired by the presentation of the gameplay of Battlefield 2042 which took place during the EA Play Live 2021 event and stressed that “there is no type of Ranked mode or eSports for the release of the game. This is obviously one of those things we would like to investigate with the community. If it turns out to be something important to our community, then you will hear about it again and see what happens next. “

Wiebe’s confirmation of the absence of any Ranked or “eSport vocation” mode for the launch of the next shooter directed by EA DICE is certainly not unexpected, due to the unpredictability that has always characterized the multiplayer sector of the series . A strictly competitive online context, moreover, does not seem to adhere in the best way to the vision carried out by the developers of Battlefield 2042 with the Portal mode, or with development factors as direct as those of the multiplayer bots in huge maps divided into sectors, of customization extreme of Specialists or the evolution of environmental destructibility.