will be a Tom Clancy shooter experience

While the curiosity of fans for the free-to-play project of The Division Heartland grows, the French videogame giant faces the social networks to fix the reveal of a new shooter set in the narrative dimension of Tom Clancy.

In surprisingly announcing the next video game inspired by the works of the late Tom Clancy, Ubisoft packs a teaser trailer that provides the first indications on the artistic tenor of the work. A further clarification on the content and nature of the gameplay of this new shooter experience by Tom Clancy is provided by the clip shared in preview by IGN.com.

In the short but important video published by the American newspaper, the adoption of the first person view and the competitive vocation of the title is confirmed: it should therefore be a multiplayer FPS in the arena focused on PvP and PvE challenges to be completed within urban scenarios. Observing the clip you can see references to the series of The Division (for the post-apocalyptic context) and Ghost Recon (for the future scenario and, of course, the approach to gameplay).

To get more information on this project, we just have to wait until tomorrow, Monday 19 July, to attend the official presentation of Tom Clancy’s new Ubisoft game which will take place on YouTube and Twitch starting at 20:00 Italian time.

Get a quick taste of a brand-new Ubisoft game right here, right now!

We had a chance to see what it looks like up close, and we can’t wait to tell you more. Keep an eye out on @Ubisoft tomorrow, July 19 at 11:15 am PT for the full reveal. pic.twitter.com/nZkZB8kKNf

– IGN (@IGN) July 18, 2021

Tomorrow, things are going to get wild 🎉

Tune in at 11AM PT / 8PM CEST for the worldwide reveal of a brand-new game in the Tom Clancy’s universe.

– Ubisoft (@Ubisoft) July 18, 2021