Will Dragon Age 4 only be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S? Talk Jeff Grubb

Dragon Age 4 is still shrouded in mystery. Information on the new episode of BioWare’s acclaimed Action / RPG series has long been very limited, and apart from a few concept art, the developers haven’t given much thought to what the game will offer in terms of story and gameplay.

In recent months, the journalist Jeff Grubb has spoken on several occasions about the game, revealing that Dragon Age 4 will be released in the course of 2023. From the pages of the VentureBeat portal, Grubb himself returns again to the work produced by Electronic Arts with a new report that reveals other possible details on the development of the game. Apparently, the new chapter will only see the light on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, with no cross-gen output on PS4 and Xbox One. The clue would have emerged from the LinkedIn profile of a former BioWare member who would have worked for a period on the new episode of the series, signaling its future arrival only on next-gen systems.

According to Grubb, the authors are already moving towards abandoning the old consoles to focus their efforts solely on the new systems. In addition, the reporter argues, when Dragon Age 4 is ready, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S will already have a much larger installed base than they currently have, further reason why there may not be a need for any cross-gen release. Until EA or BioWare speak, however, we remain in the field of speculation. Meanwhile, a concept art has revealed the return of the Gray Wardens in Dragon Age 4.