Will eFootball have a career? What do we know about the Master League

Konami has raised the curtain on its new football simulation: eFootball will be available for free starting from autumn 2021 and will represent a revolution compared to what has been done with the historic Pro Evolution Soccer series up to now.

Apart from a first road map of content arriving until winter, there are not many details on the features and contents of the new football title, and information on the game modes present is also limited for now. But at least eFootball will have Career mode? Historically in PES this role was entrusted to the Master League mode, the most important single player component of the various episodes of the series that allowed you to experience numerous leagues, build your own team and transform your novice players into real stars of world football.

Well, the Master League will be there and will be offline, but it will be sold as an optional DLC in an unspecified future: Konami herself confirmed it on Twitter, for the moment without mentioning other top modes such as MyClub. In the latter case, the Team Building Mode (tentative name) should be kept an eye on, which will be added in late autumn and which could perhaps implement some MyClub mechanics.
Judging by the road map released by the developers, it is still certain that the Master League will not already be present at the launch of the game: at the debut eFootball should offer only the Exhibition mode and a selection of 9 teams.

Certainly the lack of the Master League at the launch and the setting of the new football title have not met with great reception: in fact, eFootball has unleashed the fierce ire of the fans, dissatisfied with the turn taken by the franchise. Finally, for further information, we refer you to our special on Konami’s eFootball.