Will future DLCs be free? The Capcom report suggests it

We are starting to talk more and more about the additional content for Resident Evil Village currently in development at Capcom studios. Rumors show that Resident Evil Village DLCs will be linked to Resident Evil 9, and that the Osaka house is planning a maximum of three expansions.

From Capcom’s annual report for 2021, further important details emerge on the additional content planned for the eighth chapter of the series: it seems that the Japanese giant has plans to distribute the DLCs for free. This is clear from a company statement that can be found on page 48 of the report: “We will push our customer service towards a clearer understanding of player trends and preferences, while also building a specific business model for the activities. online, also taking into account the situation regarding the free DLC in development for titles such as Monster Hunter Rise and Resident Evil Village “.

Capcom does not mention the type of DLC to which it refers: it could be the expansions in the program, but also of possible minor contents coming soon. We will find out in the near future what is cooking, in the meantime we remember that the last exponent of the historical survival horror series has proved to be a great success: Resident Evil Village has sold 5 million copies, reached in just 5 months of marketing.