Will Hogwarts Legacy be at PlayStation State of Play on October 27? An insider talks about it

The insider known for her leaks on Marvel’s Wolverine for PS5, Millie A, shares on social networks some reflections on the possible presence of Hogwarts Legacy at the next PlayStation State of Play event which, as we know, will be held from 23:00 Italian on Wednesday October 27.

The highly anticipated open world adventure of Avalanche Software set in the dimension of Harry Potter has already been at the center of the rumors about Hogwarts Legacy at the 2021 Game Awards, but this time the independent analyst and insider decides to intervene on social networks to share the latest updates obtained from its sources.

Millie A has “strategically” hooked up to one of her previous posts to publish new tweets in which she specifies that “when I wrote that message I wanted so much to say it would be at the next State of Play, but I couldn’t”. Taking up a famous meme taken from The Office series, the insider then further fueled the curiosity of his followers by reporting how “this is not me confirming Hogwarts Legacy at the next State of Play”.

To have the definitive confirmation or denial, however, we just have to wait until the PlayStation State of Play on October 27 and watch the streaming organized by Sony to open a window on the third party titles coming to PS4 and PlayStation 5 in the coming months. . Following the latest “movements” on various third-party video game portals, several community members believe the State of Play game lineup could also include Final Fantasy 16 and Gotham Knights, as well as Tchia and Gollum.