Will other key figures leave the company after the 2020 allegations?

2020 was not an easy year for Ubisoft, forced to manage a complicated internal situation following the accusations of various employees, which highlighted a toxic and discriminatory work environment due to the abuses of some managers of the French giant.

The story was sensitive to the point that Ubisoft opened an internal investigation into allegations of harassment and abuse. The result of that investigation led to the suspension of two vice presidents and the resignation of three top Ubisoft executives, a sign of how serious and serious the situation was within the company. One year later, this whole bad story continues to have repercussions for the company, especially in terms of image, which is why it cannot be ruled out that other key employees may leave the company in the near future.

To report this and other risks is Ubisoft itself in its Universal Registration Document report, which contains a specific item in which the difficult situation that arose following the accusations of last year is recognized. For the French company, the problem is not only the fact that other important employees can be turned away, but also that this situation has made it even more difficult to attract and retain new talent. An entry in the document focuses precisely on the removal of the key figures of the company in recent months: “In 2020, the movement of denunciation towards toxic and sexist attitudes within the Ubisoft teams led to the unexpected removal of several key figures. In an attempt to mitigate these departures and limit their impact in terms of business, the company has relied on a number of talents already internally recognized for their skills and abilities “, reads a passage.

The report also explains that some positions that remained uncovered were difficult to fill immediately, thus leading to organizational delays, in addition to the difficulties that could arise in the coming months in finding new employees. In a nutshell, the impact of the 2020 affair could continue to be felt for a long time yet, but Ubisoft has every intention of mobilizing to improve the situation, in the hope that it will not be necessary to have to send away additional prominent employees.