will the licenses be there or not?

FIFA 22 is now a reality and is preparing to make its debut on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on October 1st 2021. There are still many knots to be solved in licensing, with fans which they hope will be even more substantial than in the past.

For example, Italian fans are wondering if this year there will be Serie B in FIFA 22. Although an official comment from Electronic Arts to that effect has not yet been provided, we can already assume that Serie B will not be in the new episode of the historic football franchise. The agreement signed by Konami for the exclusive B Series licenses for eFootball PES should still be in place. This would therefore result in the absence in FIFA 22 of most of the teams of the second most important league in the Bel Paese, with few exceptions.

Again for reasons of licenses and exclusive agreements with Konami, several important Serie A teams will also be missing in the new FIFA, such as Juventus, Milan, Inter, Rome, Lazio, Naples and Atalanta. For some years now the challenge between the two leading brands in football games has been played not only on the quality of the gameplay, but also on the licenses available that push fans to make informed choices for their thirst for virtual football. Do you also want to know if the FIFA 22 demo will be released or not?