will the midgen console be released in 2022? Jeff Grubb’s comment

The now well-known journalist and insider Jeff Grubb certainly could not fail to comment on the “Nintendian news” of the day, ie the official announcement of Switch OLED. According to the editor of VentureBeat, the reveal of the OLED model does not at all deny the (for now disregarded) leaks on the midgen Switch PRO version.

In his inevitable daily intervention on social media, Grubb interacted with the many fans who, rightly or not, have doubts about the veracity of the rumors about the high specifications of Switch PRO in the light of today’s announcement by Nintendo and its confirmation. house of Kyoto, of the failure to increase the power of the Switch OLED compared to the current models of the hybrid console.

In defense of his sneak peeks of the Nintendo Switch midgen review, Grubb explains that “I had heard and continue to hear that the Switch PRO should be out in 2022. And if that happens, I still believe it will have 4K output with a significantly more efficient chip. in the management of technologies such as DLSS “.

In concluding his speech, the VentureBeat journalist invites users to reflect on a fact that, in his opinion, well represents Nintendo’s philosophy in terms of hardware evolution of its consoles: “Is there really someone who thinks that the ‘OLED is set to be the latest Switch model to be marketed by a company that has launched 6 different 3DS models in the past? “