Will the new IP be a free-to-play multiplayer? A job advertisement suggests it

We have known for some time how Bungie, a well-known software house creator of the Halo and Destiny series, is currently engaged in the development of its new IP. At the moment, however, the studio has not yet revealed anything concrete about its next videogame project, expected to launch by 2025.

Through the job advertisements published periodically by the company released by Activision, however, we are able to collect some interesting clues. According to the latest information released online, Bungie is looking for a Senior Markeing Manager who has already had experience in the field of game as a service, MMOs, free-to-play and even mobile games.

Nothing actually confirms that the title in development will actually be distributed in free-to-play format, however it is a hypothesis not to be discarded considering the professional positions available at Bungie. Moreover, Destiny itself has adopted this model and with the global success of games such as Apex Legends and above all Call of Duty Warzone it would be an understandable attempt. We previously learned how the Destiny writers were already hiring to create a new online multiplyer action game.

To continue to work on the Destiny franchise and carry out the unreleased projects in parallel, Bungie has significantly expanded its team and opened a new office.