Will Twisted Metal return to PS5? David Jaffe responds to rumors and teases Sony

From the now usual communication window of his YouTube channel, the legendary creator of God of War and the Twisted Metal series, David Jaffe, says he is surprised by the latest rumors about the return of the combat racer on PlayStation 5 and, in discussing the subject with the his fans, throws a dig at Sony.

Twisted Metal’s nextgen reboot has ended up at the center of community attention due to the tweets shared by Tom Henderson, one of the most famous (and reliable) leakers of series such as Call of Duty or Battlefield.

In response to those wondering if the dad of the night is participating in the development of this rumored project or not, Jaffe points out that “I really don’t think I’m one of Sony’s favorite people right now, because of this stream and all the rest. But if these rumors about Twisted Metal were true, I would be very sorry to find out because it would mean that Sony, in that case, not only would not have offered me a collaboration or asked to contribute to the project, but would have preferred not to let me know what it was. happening “.

In reiterating the concept, Jaffe takes a cue from the announced Twisted Metal TV series to explain that “I don’t imagine they would cut me off from such a thing, on the other hand they were the ones who made sure that I could contact the guys who are making it. TV show. At least, I don’t think they cut me out of this public relations project so they could report my involvement. But I haven’t heard anything about it, either from Sony’s official words or behind the scenes. “

The creator of Twisted Metal does not fail to throw a little dig at the Japanese company citing Destruction AllStars: “I think Sony, financially, still has a bloody nose for Destruction AllStars, so I don’t think their executives have sat down for it. say ‘come on, let’s try to launch another car fighting game … maybe shooting an IP that has historically only worked well in one region. No, I don’t really see them doing that. “