Will WWE 2K22 see the expected return of GM Mode? An insider is sure

WWE 2K22 will not be released in the usual autumn window like the past iterations of the brand, but has given an appointment to fans on March 22, 2022. 2K Games and Visual Concepts have taken all the time necessary to create a product that lives up to expectations, after the bitter disappointment of WWE 2K20.

Although numerous rumors assure that WWE 2K22 will revolutionize the gameplay of the series, it seems that there were also some hitches during the processing of the game: the authors would have in fact had problems in the development of the WWE 2K22 roster due to the numerous layoffs among wrestlers. implemented by WWE over the past year. Now, however, a new, interesting rumor emerges: according to the insider Millie A the new episode of the wrestling series will see the return of the General Manager Mode with 2K ready to reveal it soon, within the pay-per-view event Survivor Series of November 2021. or at the latest at the Royal Rumble in January 2022.

GM Mode allowed players to become WWE managers and manage their roster of wrestlers by creating shows and rivalries, as well as managing wrestler contracts and making sure they had enough funds to schedule the show on a weekly basis. It was originally introduced in WWE SmackDown! VS Raw 2006 for PS2 and revived in a version perfected the following year in the 2007 chapter of the series produced by THQ at the time.

While it has always been considered one of the most loved game options by fans, GM Mode was removed from subsequent iterations of the brand, with some of its mechanics incorporated into new modes. After so many years of user requests, is the big comeback finally about to take place?