Wind Waker-style tropical open world images and videos for PC, PS4 and PS5

Back from the PlayStation Showcase with the announcement of the PS4 and PS5 versions of Tchia, the independent developers of Awaceb plunge us back into the Caribbean atmosphere of their open world adventure by showing unedited images that accompany the scenes of the latest gameplay video.

The colorful digital microcosm of Tchia is inspired by the atmosphere of New Caledonia, the island in the Pacific Ocean that gave birth to the co-founders of Awaceb. The title thus tries to evoke the rich landscapes, culture, music, folklore and traditions of the peoples of New Caledonia, but placing everything in an original context that allows the authors to convey a universal message of peace.

On the gameplay front, Tchia offers users the opportunity to take on the appearance of all the animals and objects that bead the landscape: using this power, the protagonist of the adventure will then have the opportunity to tell the story of her land and of its inhabitants with maximum freedom and autonomy.

Not too unlike Link in Zelda The Wind Waker, even the young protagonist of Tchia can sail the ocean with her boat and reach the islands of an archipelago full of mysteries to be discovered. Between trips, our brave alter-ego can activate special events by playing the ukulele, interact with the inhabitants to unlock new activities and engage in a series of unique challenges to acquire aesthetic customizations and useful tools such as a flashlight. , a camera, a compass or a slingshot.

The marketing of Tchia is expected in 2022 on PC, PS4 and PlayStation 5. At the bottom and at the top of the news you will find the image gallery and the video shown during the PlayStation Showcase on 9 September.