Wolfire’s case rejected

Wolfire Games, software house author of titles such as Receiver and Overgrowth, filed a lawsuit against Valve last May, denouncing to the Antitrust the alleged monopoly situation held by Steam on the PC market. After analyzing the matter in detail, the Court decided to dismiss Wolfire’s case in its entirety.

First, no split has been identified between Steam as a gaming platform and as a marketplace. The verdict says that the software developed and sold for specific platforms cannot be run elsewhere, and also there is no cost related to the mere use of the products. Furthermore, although in some cases the games can be found on other shores, they have no way of working in the absence of a Steam Key. For these reasons, Steam is seen as a single product in the eyes of the court.

The indictment also focused on the 30% of the commissions Valve demands from developers who sell their games on its platform. The percentage was recognized as reasonable and fully justifiable, as other platform holders have failed financially by choosing to apply lower figures. Furthermore, the policy adopted by Gabe Newell’s company has never put a stop to the publication of games on Steam, and indeed the products are constantly increasing every year.

Finally, Wolfire declared the cases of review bombing that took place on Steam harmful and dangerous, however it seems that the evidence provided did not turn out to be sufficient to support this thesis. To try to reverse the situation, Wolfire has the opportunity to appeal within the next 30 days.