Xbox exclusive Bethesda Indiana Jones? A well-known insider suggests it

With the announcement of Starfield exclusively for the Xbox home platforms, Microsoft’s plans for the future after the acquisition of Bethesda have become much clearer, although doubts still persist about the fate of games like Indiana Jones.

Announced in January of this year, the new Indiana Jones video game is in development at the offices of MachineGames (former studio author of Wolfenstein) on behalf of Bethesda. Although the Maryland house is now a Microsoft property, there are doubts about the target platforms of the production, since in addition to being presented before the final signing, it is also licensed by a house like Disney (LucasArts), which could have every interest in seeing it on as many platforms as possible. Games like Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo, for example, will honor their previous commitments (the former will even be released as an exclusive PS5 timeline). In the absence of precise details about the agreement with Disney, it is really difficult at the moment to be sure of the fate of Indiana Jones.

Doubts that apparently do not exist for Nick “Shpeshal_Nick” Baker, co-founder of XboxEra and co-host of the related podcast, notoriously well informed on the facts concerning Redmond and beyond. Nick is preparing a new installment of his series, and in a teaser on Twitter he has already hinted that he will talk about the exclusivity of Indiana Jones for the Xbox platforms, which he has given for certain. For further details we must necessarily wait for the publication of the podcast, it being understood that only Microsoft can give us absolute certainty with an official announcement.