Xbox Game Pass and first party games on the rise in Q1 2022

Microsoft has published financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2022. The Redmond house has collected positive numbers, with an increase in revenue on an annual basis of 22% and a total collection of 45.3 billion dollars, a figure that has exceeded Wall Street expectations.

Specifically, the entire gaming segment produced a 16% increase in sales, with Xbox content and services alone generating + 2%. All this amounts to 3.6 billion dollars deriving from the Xbox division, equivalent to a record Q1 in the gaming field. Xbox Series X | S has meanwhile helped boost hardware product sales by 166%.

As for content in particular, third-party products disappoint, which can’t keep up with the numbers from the previous year. What continues to be increasingly appreciated at Microsoft are first party productions and, of course, Xbox Game Pass, which in this way have gone to counterbalance the waning phase of third-party titles. The strategy of the Redmond giant sees its internal studies and the Game Pass catalog increasingly at the center of its strategic investments within the gaming industry, and these results seem to begin to prove him right. In the coming months, with the arrival of titles like Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5, the situation should get even better.

In this way, the positive contribution of Xbox Game Pass is confirmed, despite Microsoft expecting an even higher number of subscribers. According to the new rumors, the service catalog will host a large third-party exclusive in the future.