Xbox Series S surpasses Xbox Series X, Microsoft increases its production

While Xbox Series X is hardly to be found in stores due to the crisis hitting the gaming industry hard and beyond, Xbox Series S sales appear to be booming.

According to the latest sales data published on the Ampere Analysis portal and updated to last September 2021, the cheapest model of the latest generation console from Microsoft is becoming popular among players not only thanks to the lower cost compared to Series X, but is contributing to the growth of the digital market, as Series S does not have an optical reader. A similar diffusion of the machine is pushing Microsoft to focus a lot on the console and therefore to increase its production, so as to be able to satisfy the high demand especially in view of the Christmas holidays. Phil Spencer himself stated that, according to some estimates, by the end of the generation the S model could be the most widespread of the two.

Waiting to find out if the spread of the all-digital console will also contribute to the increase in the number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers, we remind you that just a few hours ago it was confirmed that 90% of the copies of COD Vanguard sold on Xbox consoles are digital. .