Xbox Series X, PS5 and Switch united in Microsoft’s tweet for National Video Games Day

To celebrate the US National Video Games Day, Microsoft’s social channels publish a tweet that is quickly making the rounds of the network. In fact, in the message shared by the Redmond house, the “definitive station” of every video game enthusiast is immortalized.

The eloquent shot shown by the Xbox team portrays a high-definition TV connected, in order, to a smartphone (representing the increasingly important gaming on mobile systems) and to a flamboyant PlayStation 5, followed by an inevitable Xbox Series X , from the Nintendo Switch launch model and, finally, from a mighty desktop PC powered by an NVIDIA GPU.

To accompany the image we find a message in which the representatives of the videogame division of Microsoft, involving the PlayStation and Nintendo communities with a hashtag, explain that “the best stations for video game enthusiasts make room for everyone. Happy National Video Games Day “.

The new initiative promoted by the Redmond house is inevitably linked to the vision outlined in recent months by Phil Spencer with the criticism of the console war: in a series of interviews granted in view of the marketing of nextgen consoles, the boss of the Xbox division considered it appropriate to emphasize how useless and harmful the console war between Xbox and PlayStation fans can be, especially given the great effort that the entire digital entertainment industry will have to make to evolve and embrace more original ideas between now and the next few years.