yes to Seasons and Battle Passes but no Pay to Win elements

Chatting with the GameReactor editorial team, Ubisoft Bucharest Brand Director Stefan Marinescu discussed the Ghost Recon Frontline live service structure based on Seasons, clarifying that in the free battle royale there will be no room for Pay to Win elements.

During the interview, Marinescu pointed out how “Frontline will have Seasons. There will be a new Season every three months and each of these phases will bring new features, but it is something that we will be able to provide more details on in the future. , we prefer not to talk about it right now so as not to spoil the surprise. Just know that in each Season there will be so many new things to do and places to explore, so yes, there will also be a system based on Battle Passes. “

Referring expressly to the Battle Pass and the presence or absence of premium components to be purchased to speed up the progression of the gaming experience, the Ubisoft Bucharest exponent enters into the merits of the P2W elements specifying that “every bonus conveyed by the Battle Pass will be strictly aesthetic. I want people to understand that ours is not going to be a Pay to Win game, they don’t want to be and it certainly won’t be under any circumstances. The Battle Pass additions will only be about the aesthetic customization of your alter-ego, they will help make it look like ‘ better ‘from a purely visual point of view and will not give any advantages, both in the way of playing and in the probability of winning the games “.

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