you play for less than 5 euros, from Outlast to Syberia 3

New wave of discounts at the end of October on Nintendo eShop, as always we have decided to offer you a selection of video games on offer by examining a very popular price range, up to a maximum of five euros. And we assure you that you can do real business …

Let’s start by reporting Amnesia Collection at 2.79 euros, Silence at 1.99 euros, Lumo at 1.99, Outlast Bundle of Terror at 4.99 euros, AER Memories of Old at 1.99 euros, Asterx & Obelix XXL 2 at 4.49 euros, Minigolf Adventure at 3.49 euros, SteamWorld Heist Ultimate Edition at 4.99 euros and Earthlock again at 4.79 euros and Syberia 3 at 4.99 euros.

The list could go on with Oxenfree at 3.99 euros, Phantom Doctrine at 1.99 euros, Dex and State of Mind at 1.99 euros each, Flashback at 1.49 euros and Violett at 99 cents. The Syberia 1 + 2 double pack costs 2.33 euros, the controversial Agony is on offer at 1.99 euros while at 3.99 euros we find Crypt of the NecroDancer Nintendo Switch Edition and Layers of Fear Legacy Edition, without forgetting Severed at 3.74 euros and Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition at 3.49 euros.

On the Nintendo eShop you will find many other Switch games on offer for less than five euros, if you have spotted something interesting let us know below in the space dedicated to comments.