you want to see a real Warthog? Hoonigan Industries shows it to you!

The Halo Warthog is one of the most iconic vehicles in all gaming history. The various episodes of the series today under 343 Industries have always given the opportunity to get on board, whether it is to drive or take control of the turret mounted on the back to give life to massacres of enemies in the race.

The Warthog of Halo also appeared at the premiere of Free Guy, reproduced in a credible and faithful way to the videogame counterpart, although obviously with the lack of the turret. And now the Hoonigan Industries of Ken Block, former rally driver, show us in detail the creation of a real Warthog, made with the collaboration of Microsoft. What amazes is not only the meticulous attention to every detail, with the frame and four wheels that perfectly match the original one, but also the engine used to make it move: Hoonigan Industries has in fact mounted a twin-turbo engine capable of reaching 1060 horsepower, so as to replicate in real life the speed that the vehicle could reach within the series starring Master Chief.

The video that shows the construction, step by step, of the Warthog is therefore a must for every fan of the historic franchise that in 2021 turned 20 and is preparing to return to the scene next December 8 on PC, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. Speaking of curiosity, here’s how Craig the Brute has changed in Halo Infinite.