youtuber creates a clone of the nuclear-powered Game Boy!

As if to “celebrate with a bang” the twenty years of the Game Boy Advance, youtuber Ian Charnas tried to modify a Game Boy clone to play Tetris by powering the rip-off console with a nuclear-powered battery.

Specializing in making fan-made projects with absurd technological tweaks for everyday gadgets, the content creator bought a “Game Boy-style” portable back console to equip it with an unusual power source: a nuclear battery!

The device designed by the youtuber uses a battery connected to miniaturized solar panels that receive energy from the light emitted by the natural decay of tritium. The system devised by Ian is extremely inefficient from an energy (and commercial) point of view, but still sufficient to guarantee him game sessions in Tetris with its Game Boy rip-off back console lasting up to an hour.

At the top of the news you will find the video packaged by the youtuber to reconstruct all the steps taken to build this bizarre technological device by exploiting the radiation emitted by the unstable isotope of hydrogen: as regards his future projects, the content creator has promised to create a nuclear-powered handheld device and to launch a charity auction to raise funds for the most needy children living in the areas adjacent to the Chernobyl Alienation Zone.