zombies invade London in the Legion of the Dead mode trailer

After launching in testing in May exclusively on PC, Watch Dogs Legion’s Legion of the Dead mode is released permanently on all platforms. Ubisoft has dedicated a new trailer dedicated to the content that will allow the undead to invade the streets of London.

Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is a separate game mode from Watch Dogs: Legion and can be accessed from Ubisoft Connect. In a London overrun by zombies, Albion soldiers and members of Clan Kelley are amassing valuable resources that you must steal to ensure your party’s survival. You can play solo, with friends or with 3 other players via public matchmaking. Each game starts with a random survivor and gadget. Explore the map for resources, upgrades, and plan a route to avoid the deadly hordes of zombies. Or, lure them to an Albion guard post and, while they get busy, steal the resources and leave safely. When you have reached the minimum number of resources required, or as many as you can recover, go to the extraction point to save yourself.

Legion of the Dead mode is available for free to all owners of Watch Dogs Legion. Ubisoft’s sandbox recently welcomed a special crossover with Assassin’s Creed.